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Country Girl Meme: Country Girl Therapy: A Cozy & Quiet Cabin in the Woods!


Country Girl Meme: Country Girl Therapy: A Cozy & Quiet Cabin in the Woods!

Country Girl Meme: Country Girl Therapy – A Quiet Walk in the Woods


Country Girl Meme: Country Girl Therapy – A Quiet Walk in the Woods!

Country Girl Meme: Shotguns and Pearls


Pink Camo Country Girl Meme – I am a Shotgun Carrying, Pearl Wearing Kinda Country Girl!

Bridal Eye Makeup Tips


Bridal eye makeup is more than just about shadow and liner-it starts from a good foundation, like the whole bridal look itself.

For longer lasting makeup, and a clear canvas, foundation or ideally eye makeup primer should be applied to the whole of the lid-this will give something for the shadows and liner to stick to, and give extra lasting power. Airbrushing a base for the eyes is another great way to get a flawless base-in fact airbrushing the entire foundation for bridal makeup is highly recommended.

Bridal makeup is all about looking good in the flesh, and in photographs. For the photographs, the application of makeup needs to be heavier than normal, but this doesn’t have to mean looking overdone. There are three main area that need extra attention-the brow bone, middle lid, and inner corner of the eye-these are the areas that need to catch the light, and if done correctly, will make eyes look defined, multi-dimensional and shining in pictures, and of course in the flesh.


Choose a highlight color that is reflective, but not glittery-a good pearl white or cream is perfect (white for gray / back shadow, cream for browns / taupes). The highlight doesn’t need to go along the whole brow bone, it just needs to go in the area directly below the arch of the brow-this will draw the light to that area, making the brows look more defined, and giving the face dimension.

Middle Lid

After applying the eye makeup look, take some of the same highlight color as used on the brow bone and dab it into the center of the eyelid. This will not be totally visible to the eye, but the reflective pearlescent particles will catch the light in a photo and make the eyes look wider and brighter.

Inner Corner

Using the same highlight color again, dab it into the inner corner of the eye, over the tear duct. This can be blended a little along the bottom lash line as well. This touch adds brightness to the look, and gives a fresh feeling to the eyes. In photographs this will also counter any tendency for eyes to disappear into a dimensionless shape, as the points of reflective material at the three key areas will catch the light and bring the eyes alive.

False Lashes

Although a full set of lashes doesn’t appeal to everyone, having some additional ‘oomph’ in the lash department is essential for a formal bridal eye makeup look. If you can’t do at a full set, then a couple of well-placed individual lashes as the outer corner of the eye will widen and give a more dramatic make-up look.

If these points are taken into consideration, then bridal eye makeup can really be the centerpiece of the bridal look-creating not only a beautiful bride in the flesh, but a beautiful bride in the flash-and seeing as though you will be looking at the pictures for years to come, both are equally important.

Country Wedding Planner – Families Live Far Away?

So the one that you adore has just popped the question and you of course have said yes. Unfortunately there is just one problem your families live no where near each other.

So where is the wedding going to be? Have you decided what state it will be in? Will you be getting married in his state or yours? Are you going to decide to have your wedding at a location close to where you live in hopes that all of your families can all come to you? The answers to these questions may seem quite simple however even if you are planning the most traditional of weddings you need to be flexible.

When you are choosing a wedding location and your families are spread out across the country you need to keep several different factors in mind. For instance due to the fact that many couples today are waiting until they are in their 20’s or 30’s it is highly likely that they are going to have set up a home and established themselves in a part of the country other then where they grew up. Many times families get scattered due to employment opportunities. It can be overwhelming to think about how you are going to get friends and family to your wedding when you and your soon to be spouse live in Arizona and you originally grew up in Minnesota and he is originally from Washington. When you throw in the fact that the members of your wedding party are likely to be scattered all over the country it can make wedding planning all the more challenging..

First of all you should sit down with your fiancée and discuss what location that you could see yourselves getting married at. You may have thought about getting married at a certain location since childhood. Perhaps your soon to be groom sees the two of you getting married at a different location. After you have determined where you want to get married you need to then consider where all your families and friends reside. It may be easier if you decide to get married in a city where none of your family lives. Basically you need to choose a location that is going to make you both happy while at the same time making it easy for your friends and family to get there.

If you are already not set in one particular location for your wedding you should consider creating a list of your intended guests to see where the majority of them are located. If you are thinking about choosing a location that is a long distance from your loved ones you should then factor in how difficult it would be to get everyone there.

You should keep in mind that the selection of a location will be the first and probably most difficult decision of planning your wedding. Hopefully once you have selected the perfect location it will be available to you for your wedding. Once you have a set location then the rest of the planning should go a lot more smoothly. This way hopefully everything will work out so that you will be able to have the perfect wedding.

The Way It Used to Be


Down here in Dothan, Alabama we have a city park that’s been setup to give folks a feeling for how country life used-to-be.

I guess these parks are probably springing up all over the country, I’ll bet in New York they have a park that teaches you what it’s like to get mugged, or to explain to a foreign cab driver where you’d like to go. Our park is a working farm, and also has a real old-fashioned soda fountain. I have no idea what one has to do with the other.

There was a story on the Dothan news about school kids being offered an opportunity (forced) to go to the park and see how the south “used-to-be”. These kids had to pick cotton, churn butter and milk a cow. After all this “fun” they were treated to a hayride in a rickety wagon pulled by a tractor. That’ll keep these kids off the streets–how could they stand all the fun? One of the park volunteers stated this will be the only time most of these kids will see the real south, most of them have no idea about how the south used-to-be.

It always amazes me when adults decide what kids should be thinking. Even though I’ve been alive since Jesus was a boy I know most of these kids didn’t leave the park with a greater appreciation for the south. If they are like me, they left with a greater appreciation for how things are today.

This plan to force kids to relive the experiences of the south is not new. When I was a kid I can recall riding with my mom in the country, as she parked the car on the side of the road by a cotton field. She insisted I pick cotton in the hot sun so I’d have an appreciation for how life used-to-be. Well, I got out of the car and I picked cotton, all the time wondering what I had done to be punished.

Once the hour was over and I was finally allowed back in the cool car, she regaled stories of how southerners used to earn their livings in the cotton fields and kids worked all summer in the fields to help the families.

I could tell by the look on her face that I was suppose to be intrigued by this lost southern heritage and have a newfound appreciation for things of old. All I had was an appreciation for air-conditioning.

Now that I think about it, allowing kids to have gratitude and appreciation for life today is not such a bad thing. This is probably a lesson we all need to learn. So, having kids spend a day at the park is probably a good idea, even if the outcome is different from what we expect.

I guess the next time I start yearning for a simpler time, I’ll just go out and pick a little cotton; life is bound to look a whole lot better afterwards.

Ya’ll come!

Tips To Remove Makeup


Makeup is so important to women since it can make us more beautiful and confident. Some girls won’t even leave their houses without applying makeup.

But not many of them know that removing makeup is as important as applying it. If you don’t remove your makeup appropriately, your skin will be damaged by makeup pigmentation, rough pores and acne. If you don’t have many ideas about this field, don’t worry, follow a few tips and you can protect your skin effectively.

1. You should use enough amount of makeup remover.

Makeup removing products of better effect are really expensive sometimes. And some of us would tend to use only a small amount of those expensive products so that every drop of it won’t be wasted when we remove the makeup. However, that is not enough, your makeup won’t be removed thoroughly with only such a little bit of remover. Especially when it comes to the important parts like lips and eyes, insufficient remover cream will lead to strong skin friction, which might even cause skin allergies eventually.

2. You should use a facial cleanser to wash the face after using the makeup remover.

Some girls think that their faces are clean enough after using the makeup remover and there is no need to use facial cleanser to wash their faces. Wrong thought! In fact, the pores of your skin won’t be clean enough and it will lead to acne problem if you don’t use facial cleanser. Therefore, remember that facial cleanser is essential to stop the dirty things being absorbed by your skin.

3. You should wipe the makeup with a cosmetic cotton gently.

Do not use much strength while using the cosmetic cottons with makeup remover to wipe your face. Some girls think that wiping the face with strong strength or patting the face can help to clean the skin thoroughly. They believe that it will bring a better effect when neutralize and decompose the makeup and remover fully in this way. But the truth is, this way might grow wrinkles in your face and I am not scaring you!

4. You should use special makeup removers in the lips and eyes area.

The skin of our lips and eyes area is usually more delicate and often has strong sensitivity, so it should be attached great importance in the process of removing makeup. Use the special removers for them, lip makeup remover for lips, and eyes makeup remover for eyes. It will be more effective to protect the skin of these parts. In this way, you can also prevent skin aging and wrinkles.

Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas: Makeup for Hooded Eyes


Hooded eyes are beautiful, characterized by extra skin that falls from the brow bone towards the eyelids and covers them.

This feature give the face an alluring sexy look, which a lot of beautiful stars have it, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. If you have them, you know well how hard it is to apply makeup on your eyes, as the canvas is partially hidden. There’s no good space to paint eye shadow or draw lines, or even powder. Even though, with the right tools and good tips, you will know how to brighten those hooded eyes of yours, and paint them with the colors you like.

Before you jump into learning how to apply makeup for hooded eyes, make sure you have this trait. Look into the mirror and search for a crease above the eye. If there is a crease, look whether it is hidden when you have wide open eyes. If yes, then you do have hooded eyes. Here’s all you have to know about their makeup..

Bigger Eyelids

With hooded eyes, a bigger eyelid is what you need to have for better makeup. You need to create fake eyelids, that’s for sure, so that the eyelid looks much bigger than it really is. How do you do that? You need to draw a line above your natural eyelid with a dark pencil, and then smudge it well. Then add dark eye shadow above the line and blend it outwards. Your eyes will look bigger with the fake lines above.

The Smoky Eye

Smoky makeup works well with your hooded eyes, as it helps open up the eyes. With hooded eyes, you need to apply smoky metallic makeup the normal way, and the trick here is to add a lot of sparkle. Use shimmery eye shadow, and lots of it, on your entire lid.

The Smoky Eye Upside Down

If you find it hard to apply smoky makeup on your hooded eyes, then rely on the upside-down trick. Focus on the lower lash line, and apply the dark eye shadow on it. Use a light champagne color on the lid and wing it out so that your eyes look bigger.

Fast & simple makeup tips & ideas for your hooded eyes:

– Make the highlighter your best friend. Use it for brighter & bigger eyes.

– Rely on bright vibrant colors that extend past your lids.

– Focus on other features of your face. Apply makeup on your lips when you feel it is hard for you to draw a cat eye.

– To make sure you’ve done your makeup the right way, go big with your makeup. Create an oversized cat eye wing that brings too much drama.

Do you love your eyes?

How Does the Arizona Rim Country Offer the Perfect Outdoor Activity and Small Town Life Experience?


The small town, active, outdoors atmosphere of the Arizona Rim Country is just right for retirees and young families.

It is the moderate climate combined with spectacular views and opportunities for recreation that make the Arizona Rim country a popular destination for retirees. Though the population in this area is growing, there is still plenty of space to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of small town life in the northern areas of Arizona.

The benefits of living in one of the small towns in the Arizona Rim Country are many. Friendly neighbors become family. The area is virtually crime free. But it is the readily available outdoor recreation that is most attractive to growing families as well as active senior citizens.

Outdoor Activities in the Arizona Rim Country

Fishing – If you like to fish, this area contains several species of fish in beautiful mountain lakes of the Rim Country. During the summer, the temperatures are warm without being overwhelming. It is easy and enjoyable to spend an entire weekend on one of these lakes, enjoying the great fishing and scenic views.

Camping and Hiking – Both rustic and facility filled campgrounds are scattered throughout the mountains. Families love the backpacking and day hiking through the forests of the Arizona Rim Country. At night, you can relax by the campfire and listen to the sounds of the night while looking up at the star-filled sky. Young and old alike enjoy the fantastic opportunities to be active and then rest in the middle of the natural scenic wonder that is the Arizona.

Horseback Riding – If you love horses, this area is a great place to settle down with your own ranch or visit close by ranches that rent out horses to visitors.

Biking – There are numerous trails for mountain bikers to navigate and enjoy. You won’t find a better place to bring your family if you enjoy biking through forested mountain trails.

If you are considering leaving the city for a smaller town and want to provide access to outdoor activities to yourselves and/or your children, check out the small towns of the Arizona Rim Country. You may just find your slice of Heaven.

Marion’s Bee Keeping Journey


While trying to know more about bee keeping, I had the chance to post some questions to Marion, a beekeeper whom I met on the web. And he was quick to share his thoughts on the subject.

What got you into bee keeping and what is keeping you there?

Our family enjoy the country life. We love animals, gardening, and being outside. A number of years ago we went to a Homesteading event and attended a bee keepers instructional seminar while we were there. Keeping bees was not something that I had ever considered doing before that meeting where I learned about Colony Collapse Disorder. This event got me into bee keeping because the more I learned, the more I became fascinated with their intricate social order and manifold benefits. I had never really considered how beneficial it would be to have bees pollinate the plants in our garden and fruit trees. It’s amazing how information can be inspiring, but that is what happened to me. I started studying bees. I read numerous books and magazine articles about beekeeping. I decided that if I can become inspired to keep bees, it can happen to others. So, I decided to start a website to inspire others to keep honey bees. That’s where was born.

The topic of Colony Collapse Disorder began my journey into bee keeping and remains very close to the center of what motivates me to stay in it. My main goal is to learn how to keep bees in the most healthy way possible and teach others to do the same. We can’t do without these pollinating insects in our world, so we have to do something to protect their future!

“Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about.” ~ Quote from The Secret Life of Bees. What is the most fascinating thing that you have observed about the bees so far?

It would be one specific part of their communication systems…their use of pheromones. BEES have several glands that produce chemical substances which are used by the bees to communicate with each other. For instance,

1) the ATTRACTANT PHEROMONE in worker bees is produced by a gland in their abdomen (Nasanov gland). This pheromone is used to attract members of the colony who might have lost the location of the colony. Many times, when catching a swarm, bees can be observed extending their abdomen down and fanning with their wings to propel the airborne scent to the bees flying around (trying to locate the rest of the colony).

2) ALARM PHEROMONES, of which there are TWO. The first originates in the mandibular gland (near the mouth). When guard bees are alarmed by an intruder, they put off this alarm scent that tells the other bees that there might be a problem. This scent is especially prone to be released when the problem is a moving intruder. This is why it is important to make slow movements around a beehive so that you don’t alarm the guard bees. The second ALARM PHEROMONE originates in the sting chamber. It is not released until the sting, and is much stronger than the scent given off by the mandibular glands. After the sting takes place, and the stinger (with poison sac and all) is ripped out of the abdomen of the bee, the alarm scent is at its strongest. As a matter of fact, the scent is now all over the surface of the exact spot where the sting took place and functions as a “bulls-eye” for the other guard bees to attack. Other pheromones are used to mark the entrance to the hive, to mark flowers where the bees have been foraging, and to alert nurse bees when a baby bee needs food.

If we were to personify honey bees, which two words would you use to describe them?

First, they are a perfect picture of HARMONY. There may be up to 80,000 bees in a hive, all working together with various tasks that all contribute to the success of the hive…but yet no apparent “leadership structure”! They are also a perfect picture of DILIGENCE (exerting the necessary effort to accomplish it’s assigned task). Bees don’t stop working, they work all day and all night seven days a week. During the most busy time of the year (summer), a worker bee may only live 5-6 weeks, and EVERY minute is spent working!

Many beekeepers said there are painful moments in their love affair with the bees. Can you share with us one such moment?

A painful moment in my bee keeping experience was with my very first package of bees. When I installed them in the hive, they immediately started building comb. A week later when I checked up on them, they were doing fine…still building comb. A couple days later they had absconded! There were no honey bees, they had all left without a trace. I was deeply discouraged and wondered what I had done wrong. Now, when I install a package of bees, I leave a queen excluder over the entrance of the hive until the queen feels really at home. I guess the queen that left my original hive didn’t like my interior decorating.

What would be your most earnest advice for a newbie in bee keeping?

Learn as much as you can about bees (their anatomy, life-cycle stages, brood, nectar and pollen storage, etc.) before you try to figure out the management of honey bees. A lot of what you learn about bees will impact how successful you will be in keeping honey bees once you start. Read books and magazines, watch videos online and join a local bee association. Bee keepers love to help others get started.

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